The Journey begins……………. [Gsoc series – 1]


And finally I got selected for Google summer of Code 2014 for Mozilla Organisation. Finally one of my dream comes true. I dreamed this one year before, when i came to know about Gsoc in a mozilla event in my college (NIT Trichy,Tamilnadu) where Sujith Reddy “a awesome mozillan/moz rep and a good friend ” explained to us about this.My journey to open source started from that day.I choose Mozilla as my first open source organisation.I don’t know why at that time I choose Mozilla , but now i realize that my decision was 100% right.

                                                I  LOVE  MOZILLA   Image

Firstly I started to contribute in non technical arena like SUMO,Web Maker,L10n .Then gradually i moved to technical contribution .And at last i met  Jai Pradeesh “yet another geek and a good friend”  started guiding me and helped whereever and whenever need.In Technical/coding area i am  contributing from past six months.Jai suggested me to start with GAIA (user interface for Firefox OS).I started bug fixing of Firefox OS.Really I love this job ‘bug fixing’ most.

In this whole journey i made many new friends “Jai,Sujith,Kaustav,Galaxy,Dyvik,Santosh,Vikas Agarwal,Deep,Ram Dayal” and many more…      How can i forget my superb mentors/developers  ” Fredlin(gasolin),Julienw,Rick and finally my fav and Gsoc mentor Gabriele Svelto.”

Thanks to all of you 🙂

Next blog – Key of success/Tips for Google Summer of Code coming soon….



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