=>GSOC-2014 RESULT ANNOUNCED ON   21st april 2014
=>BLOG (   First Blog written

:-Cloned the  git repo of B2G to build the emulator.
:-Faced problem as i am behind college firewall, http/https access is not there for
:-Gabriele(My mentor)then change the manifest of b2g in his clonned repo to https and did changes whereever necessary.Thanks to My mentor.
:-But now i am facing another issue.Due to lack of some dependencies i am unable to build it.
:-Missing following dependencies : ia32-libs, lib32ncurses5-dev, lib32z1-dev
:-Tried to install ia32-libs dependencies as per instruction given in link 

:-Still nothing happens showing “Package ‘ia32-libs’ has no installation candidate” .My system is ubuntu 12.10 32 bit .i think it should work for 64 bit properly.Soon i will change it 64 bit and will try to build it again. Hope i will get fixed soon.

:-Filled Bug :  [Second bug of my gsoc project].
:-Submit UI-flow proposal forBug : [First bug of my gsoc project].
:-Discussing going on with my mentor on these two bugs for its UI flow and functionality.
In coming weeks i have final exams .So i will be little busy with my syllabus and course stuffs.

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