Mozilla App Maker Hack – 1

Hola Fellas πŸ™‚
My new experiment(on ubuntu platform πŸ™‚ ) with Mozilla App Maker.
Recently “Habitat” branch patch landed in “developer” branch (main branch in app maker). This will make the running App maker locally easier and now no need to be depend on foreman and all other complex and crapy stuff πŸ˜‰
All thanks to Scott Dwane (:thecount) for landing the patch πŸ™‚

Getting Started :
This section covers how to get Appmaker running locally. The workflow is optimized for contributors.
Dependencies :
Make sure you have nodejs, npm, and git installed.
Build the System :
Step 1. Create a root mozilla-appmaker directory:

mkdir mozilla-appmaker
cd mozilla-appmaker

Step 2. Forking And Cloning The Repository
Fork this repository, and then clone your fork into the mozilla-appmaker directory:

git clone

Your directory structure should look like this:

β”œβ”€β”€ appmaker/

Configure remote:(If you want to, otherwise it’s not necessary now for building)

cd appmaker
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream

Environment Setup And Configuration
cd appmaker
Install Node packages:
npm install
Configure your env:

cp sample.env .env

It’s copying set of default settings for app to use and make setting up for first time easier.

Hope you won’t get any error till here πŸ˜‰
Now run the following command and you are good to go…Yay!! πŸ™‚

node app

You will something like this in terminal

rishav@rishav:~/mozilla-appmaker/appmaker$ node app
Setting PERSONA_AUDIENCE to be http://localhost:5001
Loaded 42 local components from ./public/bundles
Created locale mapping from 42 locale files, with 0 failures.
Express server listening on port 5001
Express server for noxmox listening on http://localhost:12319, serving content from /tmp/mox/

open your browser and in address bar Type :


Screenshot from 2014-09-13 22:31:31

More blogs are coming on App maker hacks and specially on Fusion of TogetherJS with App Maker πŸ™‚
Stayed tunned…till then Happy HaCkInG πŸ™‚

Ping on #app-maker irc channel or rishav006@gmail for any help πŸ™‚


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